20th February 2018

3 ‘Shortcuts’ to Looking 10 Years Younger

gizelle-round-1If I could show you how to ‘shortcut’ your way to looking & feeling many years younger… without expensive creams, injections or risky surgery—would you be interested?

If you answered “yes”, then read on, because in this article you’ll discover you how science has proven that you can do just that.

This is the exact secret I’ve been using to age much slower than my female friends.

Now, before I let you in on 3 of my most powerful “shortcuts”, let me quickly share my story of how it all started…

A startling discovery

I made this discovery more than 15 years ago – way before I became a natural health therapist and author – while attempting to deal with my own issues, which included ILL HEALTH, WRINKLES (that were starting to develop just a little too early) and the absolute worst imaginable case of ECZEMA.

I felt unattractive and old.

I tried everything there was to try…pills, diets, prescription creams, you name it… but NOTHING worked.

I soon realized that if I was to ever find a solution to my problems, I was going to have to do it MYSELF.

After months of digging into the literature, studying ancient wisdom and looking into 100’s and 100’s of trusted, peer-reviewed studies from some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, I noticed something very DISTURBING…

…Many of the things we women THINK are helping us look and feel young are actually doing the exact OPPOSITE — they are making us age faster.

For instance, most women are unaware of the fact that a lot of the so-called “health foods” on the market today are nothing but cleverly disguised JUNK FOODS.

But that’s just ONE example (I’ll share a few more in just a minute).

LIES and more LIES

I soon found that what we’re being told by the mainstream media about health and aging isn’t only confusing and full of conflicting information… in most cases it’s just plain WRONG.

First I got really angry: ”Why are they LYING to us?”

But then I realized that they’re being FED this information by greedy corporations that are influencing news articles and funding ‘fake studies’ designed to KEEP people like you and me from discovering the TRUTH…

… so they can keep selling you their ridiculous beauty gadgets, “miracle creams” and “magic bullets”…

This made me even more upset… but I was also getting closer to a major breakthrough.

I stumbled upon a formula

I felt intuitively that I was onto something BIG… so I turned back to the only sources of information I could trust: ancient wisdom, common sense, and evidence-based peer-reviewed studies…

I was on a mission to uncover all the major MYTHS and LIES responsible for accelerating my aging.

To cut a long story short, I DID find what I was looking for, and I eventually CURED my skin problems and stopped the damage I was doing to myself.

But it didn’t end there…

Not only did I find out exactly what I was doing wrong… but for each LIE I was able to uncover, I also discovered exactly what to do INSTEAD – simple, ‘hidden’ tricks and tweaks with remarkable youth-enhancing benefits.

These are strategies that have always worked, and have been proven by science (including new breakthrough studies), but have been kept under wraps by these mega-corporations because they cannot profit off of them.

What I found was an amazing secret to quickly ‘shortcutting’ my way from aging way too fast to aging much slower than 99% of women.

I was shocked by the results

As I started “tweaking” my life based on these new discoveries, I was able to slow my aging down to a crawl, and yes, even REVERSE many of the tell-tale signs of aging to the point where I was looking and feeling YEARS younger.

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